The Define Method is for everyone of every age and fitness level. Define offers a range of adapted classes for a wider range of choice. All fused with energy and uplifting music for non-stop, head to toe intense body burning, strengthening and stretching systems.

Foundations, Mixed, Advance Barre

We offer three levels of Define Barre to cater to everyone’s fitness needs. For a more slower paced and breakdown of Define barre we highly recommend a Beginner session. Just don’t let the word “beginner” fool you as you will be challenged. Mixed Level barre is faster paced 50 minute session sure to sculpt and tone from top to toe. Advance Barre is not for the novice and we recommend 5 Mixed Level before jumping into these sessions. Killer Ab sequences and cardio sprints throughout the barre journey, this intense barre session is very fast paced. With instructors on hand to tweak the postures and give one-on-one attention throughout each session, clients are in safe hands. With three levels, Beginner, Mixed, Advance, there is something to suit all abilities.


Define takes you to the Mat for 50 minutes of deep Define burn. Using hand weights and ankle weights that will intensify muscular structure and build extra strength, all while maintaining long and lean lines. This class is for all fitness levels as modifications will be given throughout class by our inspiring instructors.


Define Glide takes you on a barre fitness journey of twist, barre isometric moves and cardio sprints while incorporating Core Flytes. Define London is the first ever UK company to incorporate this state-of-the-art glider into a concept class. We recommend 3-5 Define Barre classes before booking a Define Glide class. Barre socks are worn for this class.


Define a Next Level You with Power. Cardio driven, calorie torching session incorporating hand weights, jumping, and barre work. *Trainers are recommended for class*

DEFINE Barre Balance

Taking Barre to the next level by incorporating a Bosu Ball. Barre Balance takes you on a 50-minute calorie torching journey to help eliminate body imbalances and get deep into muscle weakness and turn it into the best Defined You. Barre Balance incorporates all fundamentals of our Define Barre classes and takes it Next Level by taking the sturdy floor away and using the Bosu Ball.


A challenging and inspiring 50 minute session incorporating a mixture/ “Mash-Up” of all the different Define class concepts. This is a fun one for the Define teachers too as they get to pick each session their favourites to mix/ “Mash-Up” for you. Grab all of your props and clear some space as you could be using heavy weights, light weights, gliders, Bosu Ball and enduring killer wall sits.

Intermediate/Advance clients. Not recommended for New Clients.

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