The DEFINE METHOD allows us to offer a wide variety of services including classes, personal training and online workouts. This is what you can expect from our method:

Firm elongated muscles
Reduced body fat
Increased muscle definition
A strong, contoured abdomen

A toned physique
A lifted seat
Increased strength & endurance
Improved posture

An increased in energy
A greater sense of well-being
An endorphin hit like no other


Define Yourself Live in our Virtual Studio. Our result driven method will be led Live daily by our expert instructors. Each Zoom workout will focus on an empowered mind and body with our high intensity and low impact sequences. Our motivating instructors curate the workouts for all levels, as we know fitness is not a “one size fits all” space. We want you feeling Strong, Lean and Defined.


Define Yourself anytime and anywhere with our motivating On Demand workouts. Our result driven method is specially curated in each and every workout video. Your monthly On Demand subscription will give you access to a library of body sculpting and endorphin pumping workouts suited for All Levels. New Workouts will be added every second Sunday of each month to keep you motivated.


Define London can help you achieve your very specific fitness goals with our tailored Personal Training. Our instructors will personalise each session just for you


With the DEFINE METHOD, you can burn just as many calories while working to increase muscle tone as you would in a spin or HIIT class. Think of your body as a furnace; and your muscles are the burners. When you increase muscle tone, you add more burners to the furnace, which causes you to burn fat more efficiently. Barre uses a unique combination of repetitive isolated isometric movements (tiny pulses), within a combination of Pilates and Ballet and aerobic influences to fatigue muscles you never normally use, creating a strategic, refined work-out and one of the most effective methods to change and improve your shape and silhouette, contouring your arms, legs, bottoms and torso’s like no other work out available.

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