What is the Define method

Our unique classes use body-burning, stretching and strengthening systems to help you achieve a strong, lean, sculpted body through an evolving mix of fitness exercises, simultaneously combining strength training and cardio so not only are you burning fat you are building long lean muscle.

DEFINE uses an intense mix of isometric moves whilst incorporating cardio infused sequences throughout the class to keep your metabolism high. While we stick to a formatted class within each concept, no workout is alike because we change up the choreography in every class to keep your muscles guessing.

The biggest benefits of our DEFINE classes are improved posture, muscle definition, weight loss, increased flexibility and reduced stress. DEFINE is designed for all fitness levels, so as long as you have a positive attitude, we promise to give you that burn and shake that leaves you wanting more.

Our focus on alignment and strength results in better DEFINE posture, better DEFINE movement, and most importantly a better DEFINE YOU.

Our goal is to DEFINE a Stronger, Healthier, a more Inspired version of YOU.




I am part of the amazing Define.London team, here to encourage, define and sculpt all you definers! I am a musical theatre performer, currently in 42nd Street WestEnd. I have a huge passion for the arts and fitness industry, there is nothing I enjoy more than seeing enthusiasm and happy faces with what I can bring to help achieve your goals. The body is an incredible thing, so helping others discover what it can do and how it can be worked is amazing! This may come from me also being a Sports Masseuse.. another part of my life that i love! It helps me really understand the body; therefore, a huge part of teaching for me is to make sure everybody has the right form! I want you to be working your bodies the correct way without damaging yourselves.

Any hidden talents?

- I can eat half a tub of peanut butter one sitting.. infact make that the whole tub.

Do you have a morning ritual?

- Every morning is different in my world, however I always make sure i have enough time to enjoy a nice cup of coffee or green tea along with a good breakfast because you need to start the day right, right? My favourite meal will always be breakfast, if i could have it 3 times a day, I am there!

Favourite workout wear, why?

- Leggings, leggings, leggings. I love them, they're so many different styles and patterns now that it is impossible to get bored!


Kiri Jones


Coming from a professional dance background spanning stage, television and film, Kiri has gathered a wealth of knowledge on technique and movement that she brings to her work in fitness. Having trained intensively with the likes of The Royal Ballet School, London Studio Centre and with Dana Foglia, Beyonce’s choreographer in Los Angeles; she is passionate about creative and intelligent exercise, connecting mind and body to pull the best work out of her clients.

Kiri has worked in the boutique London fitness scene since 2015, honing in on barre and pilates. Experienced, knowledgable and descriptive she will push you to where you want to go and beyond. Combined with an eclectic playlist and fun atmosphere Kiri’s classes will have you shaking and smiling until your next visit!




Straight from school into 3 years of performing arts training then out into the big wide world as a professional dancer at 19. I was completely stoked with the jobs I landed - touring, stage shows, music videos, commercials. My highlight and biggest achievement was in 2014, Lily Allen "Sheezus" World Tour. For six years the fun, travelling and visiting places I had never imagined to go was epic! 2017 was approaching and deciding I wanted to be a little closer to home more often, a new career path was emerging. My love for fitness was turning more into a passion and I decided to run with it. Straight into studying my Level 2 fitness instructing qualification whilst training at various studios to become an instructor in different concepts. My brain was mashed but it's so worth the outcome! I haven't looked back and how lucky am I to still love what I do, something that is my job but in no way feels like a job.

Favourite Quote/Mantra?

- I'd rather be sore than sorry

Do you have a morning ritual?

- Drink water before anything! And complete my skin care routine or I refuse to leave the house.

Favourite workout wear?

- Nike. Always Nike. Although after a recent lululemon purchase I'm worried my morals could change.



Founder/Master Trainer

Ashley is a West Virginia native who made her way to New York City singing and dancing into a Broadway career. Spanning over almost two decades, she performed on Broadway and around the globe in shows such as The Producers, Cats, Chicago, A Chorus Line, Pippin to name a few. She dove into the NYC fitness scene in 2007 and a true passion surfaced she never thought possible. Training with the best of the best, Ashley became waitlisted in no time for giving the best Barre classes NYC had to offer. In Feb. of 2016, Ashley jumped the pond with her hubby and launched her Barre inspired brand, Define.London. Growing her brand has been a massive rollercoaster. Since launching her brand at Sky TV in London, she has grown the business from just a couple clients in each class to waitlisted sessions all over London. Ashley's NYC hustle gained her contracts with Google, Third Space, weekly sessions representing Sweaty Betty and Lorna Jane, and pop-up Master classes at established boutique gyms across London, New York City, and Berlin.

What drives you teaching?

- My clients are my true inspiration and the absolute glue to keep my heart full doing this business.

My Mantra/Why...

- Do what you love, LOVE what you do", so yes, I am Living The Dream. Every morning I get to wake up and inspire others and I couldn't be more grateful.



Master Trainer

New Zealand born and I come from a professional contemporary dance background. After graduating from the New Zealand School of Dance I toured with some of the leading companies in New Zealand such as Black Grace, Okareka and The New Zealand Dance Company. I moved to New York City to pursue an artistic career through guest performance and working on music videos. Now residing in London I made the natural shift into the fitness realm as a qualified Personal Trainer. With a passion for movement, from travelling, living abroad, dance and wellbeing I draw on my varied background to build, develop and communicate the importance of moving!

Do you workout while on holiday?

- (As I write this on holiday in New York sitting outside soulcycle..... the answer is yes)
Depends on the location, whenever I go back to home to New Zealand I try and keep up a routine. But put me on a beach and I may skip on the routine!

Any hidden talents?

- I wish I had a good party trick, like could sing or play an instrument. The best hidden talent I've got is I can fold a T-shirt in 3 moves. Watch out y'all!


Lindsey Pryor


I found my love for all kinds of dance at a young age so after school I headed to Northumbria University and completed a BA Hons Degree in Dance Choreography. While studying, I was a member of the North Stars Cheerleading Squad where we got to compete nationally. Once finishing University I was lucky enough to perform all over the world with The International Allstarzz as well as dance for brands such as the BBC, MTV and ITV.

While training I found my love for fitness and so decided to follow my passion for teaching. I became a qualified Level 2 Cheerleading Coach and now coach the Elite teams and School of Cheer at Saracens Sport Foundation. I also trained as a Level 2 Fitness Instructor and teach a variety of classes around London. I feel so lucky to be able to teach so many amazing people and help them feel better in their mind and body. I’m so excited to be a Define Instructor and spread the ‘long, lean & defined’ message all over London!


Define Barre

Offered in 3 levels, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. A 50 minute barre-based full body workout incorporating a combination of postures inspired by ballet and other challenging fitness disciplines.. Be prepared for a head to toe body blazing workout incorporating an intense mix of isometric moves, thigh and glute sequences, chiseling Arm and AB moves, and elongating stretches throughout the class, to ultimately increase your strength & flexibility and give you the strong, lean physique of a dancer.

Define Mat

50 minutes and 30 Minute Express dynamic and invigorating workout on the Mat. A sequence of upper-body exercises, which may include free weights, push-ups, planks and other moves to target the biceps, triceps, chest, and back muscles. Then get ready to deepen the Define burn using ankle weights that will intensify muscular structure and build extra strength, all while maintaining long, lean lines. Your core will be engaged the entire class and then targeted at the end. Our inspiring instructors will give several options throughout the session to intensify or modify for every client.

Define Dance

Exercise does not have to be boring! It’s time to let out your inner Define Dancer and embrace 50 minutes of Dancing, Sculpting and Toning! This high intensity workout mixes dance and fitness to shred calories and get your heart pumping. A full-body workout here to rev up your metabolism, build strength and help you create lean muscle. Move, shake, and groove your way to a fit body.

Define Stretch

30 minute relaxing and body elongating session geared for pre or post Define 50 minute workouts. You'll go through a series of stretches to increase muscle control, flexibility, range of motion and allow your muscles to recover. The body needs a good stretch as much as it needs the “burn”, so allow the time.

Define Run

Professionally coached session outdoors around Central London. The Define Run club is designed for beginner and intermediate runners, incorporating various themed sessions that are designed to improve speed, endurance and conditioning. Our trainers will have you beating your personal bests in no time. Be sure to book into Define:Stretch which will be offered after each Define:Run.

Define Arm & AB Express

Pressed for time? Book into our 30 minute blast to the upper body and quickly see sculpted arms and a more chiseled midsection in our Define Arm and Ab Express. This for all fitness levels as our instructors will give modifications and ways to make it more challenging.

Define Barre Balance

Taking Barre to the next level by incorporating a Bosu Ball. Barre Balance takes you on a 50 minute calorie torching journey to help eliminate body imbalances and get deep into muscle weakness and turn it into the best Define’d You. Barre Balance incorporates all fundamentals of our Define Barre classes and takes it Next Level by taking the sturdy floor away and using the Bosu Ball™.

15 Minute Quick Fix

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30 Minute Workout

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