Define Method

We believe to see the define results, committing to 4 sessions a week will leave you feeling empowered and Define’d. We don’t want you to plateau so there are plenty of different classes to keep you challenged and your body guessing.

Breathable active wear is best as you will be sweating in a Define session. Barre grip socks are highly recommended, however, if you don’t have them you can purchase a pair at the studio. You must wear socks in class. Yes, you will find it slippery if you don’t wear grip socks, but socks must stay on. You will not be permitted into a class without your feet covered. Some Define workouts call for trainers so please read class description or inquire at FOH when booking your class.

We cap our classes at 14 clients per session. We want each Define’r to feel as though they are receiving a PT session within a group setting.

Yes, we absolutely have men training at Define London. The Define method is ideal for men who are looking to create more definition in their muscles, more balance in their muscular structure, and improve flexibility.

Absolutely! Consistency is key when asking your body to transform. Continuing to move through the workouts despite soreness will help your muscles release some of the toxins that are creating the soreness in the first place.

No, it’s appropriate for all body types, ages, and fitness levels. The most important thing is to take the leap and start. Our trainers will help with modifications throughout your journey. The group session is meant to inspire you to work harder and push you to find the best version of yourself.

Yes, we are highly qualified in pre/post natal and we can give modifications throughout your entire nine month journey. We ask you always tell the instructors so they know how to train you throughout the group session.

Depending on the type of birth, usually after six to eight weeks. However, your doctor must release you to exercise first. Your abdominal wall can separate during labor, so you need to be checked to ensure that your body is ready.

Yes, we have full scale women’s locker room and a private changing/shower facility for men. We have free shower/ sweat towels for use, The White Company shower/hair products, hair dryers, and secured lockers.

We highly recommend you join our Monthly Unlimited membership. Not only will you see the define results but will be saving money too. If you take three classes a week that drops the single class credit down to £14 a session. Big Saving!

You can do drop ins by purchasing single credits and you can save when you purchase packages or go on our Unlimited Membership. Check out all of the savings under our pricing page.

Yes, we need a 4 week notice. There is a £60 charge for freezing. You can freeze up two times per calendar year.

We know you fall in love with the different personalities of our highly qualified instructors so if you have a favourite and want to book personal training with them then we can make that happen.

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