I LOVE DEFINE LONDON AND THIS IS WHY..... written by Beth McIlroy

Why Define London?

I feel Define London is unique. The moves and approach to defining your body are effective and target your muscles unlike other exercises and workouts I have ever experienced before. Its no nonsense "hurts so good" approach to feeling uncomfortable when you're working out keeps you going and reminds you that you're doing something effective and positive for your body at the time when you usually want to stop. It's interesting, challenging and I find it fun... Its a workout that I am always excited to go back to because it gives me a great full body workout that tones and lengthens my muscles, and also leaves me with a smile on my face and a positive mental attitude! 

When did you start your Define London journey? What was your first class like?

I stared about 6 months ago. I remember going to the gym and noticing a group of very long, lean limbed ladies heading to a class and thinking “I need to go where they’re going” which literally lead me into a Define class. My first class was exciting and challenging but still a lot of fun– the moves were interesting and challenging, they change up to keep you involved and engaged but you can feel those moves working in a newer more effective way… and I didn’t secretly want to punch my instructor in the face!

When did you start to see the Define results?

Within a matter of weeks. My arms have always been a problem area for me and I remember after having been to a few define classes I could visibly see definition in my arms and shoulders (my friends had also said my arms looked ‘skinnier’!). I also noticed the tone in my legs had improved but hadn’t ‘bulked’.

Why is working out and your health a daily priority? 

Because it makes me feel good – it gives me energy and (inner) balance. I enjoy feeling my body change and adapt everyday...  I think when you workout and suddenly realise your body can move in a new way which it never has before it’s totally exciting and you feel so proud of yourself… I love that!

Now that you are expecting, has your workout routine changed? 

Yes – I have cut out more high intensity workouts which maybe are a bit too harsh on my joints. I also get tired and out of breath a lot more quickly now quickly so I'm not keen on the idea of any workouts which I may find stressful as it encourages more cortisol in the body which I don’t want for me or baby. I am doing more yoga, swimming and of course keeping up with my Define classes when I can!

How do you find doing the Define workouts now that you are expecting? Do you feel safe? 

At first, they were more challenging, and I couldn’t do what I was doing a few weeks before, but I know that the moves which can be adjusted for wherever your body is at, which includes however my body will change throughout my pregnancy which is totally comforting. I know I am safe but can still get a workout which I enjoy and reap the benefits. 

Have or will you get your man to do the online workouts? If so, what did he think?

I’m working on it! He said he’d come to a class so I’m going to try him on the online workouts first… I actually can’t wait to get him to try out an online workout – he enjoys kickboxing so actually I think the leg raises and hip and glute exercises will be brilliant in helping him develop strength in that area which he can’t get from doing weights in the gym. 

How was the experience bringing your Mum to a Define London class? 

I was exciting for me, I think my mum is my favourite workout buddy! In a typical childish fashion I think I wanted to show off a bit,  but I was also keen to get her on board too so wanted to show her the adjustments she could make so that it wasn’t totally overwhelming for her. I’m glad because now she’s got a couple of online workouts which I’m excited for her to start doing. We’ve done a couple at home together!

What inspires you? 

My mum and my friends :) 

What are your healthy tips or tricks to staying healthy over the holidays and or traveling? 

Try to stay active; go for walks, go for a run, do some exercises in your room. Drink water. But other than that relax – have fun – eat what you want, and get back to your healthy lifestyle when the holiday is over... Otherwise what's the point?!? 

Do you follow a special diet? Vegan? Stop eating before 8pm? Do you have any rules??

Not really… I think before I was pregnant I would track my macros, but now that I’m pregnant I’m just trying to combat my nausea!

Favourite tunes to workout to at home?

Too many zoos – Talkin’ bout, Jalen Santoy – Foreplay, Major Lazer – Light it up, DJ Fresh – Earthquake, Sto Elliot – James Baby, Mac Miller – Dang!

Favourite workout clothing brand? Why?

None in particular, I’m not fussy! Although Gapfit and Sweaty Betty clothes are super lovely!

You have taken a ton of Define.London classes in studio... how do you find the online workouts? Do they still motivate and challenge you? Any favourite videos? 

Yes wow! I wasn’t ready for the online workouts, I think when you go to the gym and do the workouts in class you’re mentally prepared. Doing my first online workout I started with a cup of tea but within a matter of minutes I was gasping for water! The 15 minute quick fix makes for a great short intense workout, and I definitely got the same muscle burn from the online workouts as I do in class – I was surprised by that.  

How often do you Define? Why?

Between 2-3 times a week. It’s just the most effective and efficient workout I have ever done. Not only does the class make me feel like I am doing something effective for my body but on a personal and mental note it reminds me that I am doing something positive for myself and that motivates and encourages me to keep going.

Beth x

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