Get to know Define.London Instructor Jono Selvadurai

What do you think about social media and the use of it in the fitness industry?

It all comes down to how it’s executed. My biggest annoyance with social media within the fitness industry is when it loses its authenticity. It’s amazing we have this incredible platform to share and inspire, but it lacks impact when it loses its honesty. 

One post has the chance to create serious impact, if it’s staged, if it’s not spoken with honesty, if it’s done for the likes, it’s not going to generate movement. I think the biggest question to ask when posting is “would that inspire you?”

When I see posts of “influencers” after sessions, not sweating, not getting the most out of their workout it saddens me that someone who has given there all to a workout would compare and think, I still don’t look like that. If you use the platform for the reason to generate followers then think twice.

I don’t use my platforms to post me eating kale and post workout selfies, because I want you to know I’m human too and have the biggest sweet tooth to go and demolish stacks of pancakes. I admire those that understand healthy lifestyle as balance. More importantly, if you disagree with someone’s message, stop following and stop comparing, you are more than that. 

What is the biggest challenge to staying relevant in the fitness industry?

Its an industry that is rapidly changing with new trends, however the fundamentals are never going to change so I think to stay relevant in comes down to knowledge. Not necessarily knowledge as in academic wisdom, but knowledge of what you are doing, why you are doing a certain move, what muscles are firing up and how you are growing. What puts a good trainer out there, is a willingness to continue to grow themselves, to be inspired, to learn and to continue to share what they are learning. I like to think of it as the more aware you are of what you are doing, your actions, the smarter your train. 

What’s the best things about what you do?

The people. I’m so grateful to get to share my day with such incredible people from clients, to trainers and in knowing we are able to change each others days. I take a lot from seeing someone able to let go into a moment, forget about all the stress their day has brought them and instead have this willingness to put themselves first, it really makes my day. 

What and who are the biggest influences in your professional life?

There are several influencers I turn to for different reasons, 

I’m really inspired by Lewis Howes at the moment, I really love how he has been able to use a powerful platform for the reason it should be used. I connect a lot with his values and this need to break down the stereotypes surrounding males. 

Other trainers excelling due to their passion for coaching are a huge influence to how I teach, Define London founder Ashley Yeater is one, a lot of master trainers at Soul Cycle are another. I admire how they take it one step further from just training you to fully coaching you in your everyday actions as well. We forget that our training is also our practice for everything else we do, they all interlink and so should our attitude around it. 

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt this year?/ What are your biggest lessons learnt whilst working in the industry?

This year has been a massive year of growing, with a lot of work to still be done. But I would say a big focus this year I’ve worked on is breaking down this thought of self-doubt. Believe it or not, I struggle a lot with confidence, I’m incredible hard on myself in always delivering perfection that I take a lot out when things don’t go to plan. As anyone should, I spend a lot of time trying to improve my craft, learn and understand more. But in doing so it’s incredibly easy to forget about the most important factor that allows anyone to do their craft well, your own well being. So this year, and since being in the industry actually, it’s been a massive learning curve to how I can find balance between constantly giving for others and allowing time to give back to me.

What inspired and lead you to become a trainer?

I’ve always had a passion for teaching, little did I know it was going to become such a huge part of my life. 

I think my inspiration was brought on from fear, I was a professional dancer who hadn’t had any paid dance work in years and was struggling to classify myself as a dancer, but I was afraid of letting go of what I had spent my whole life to then working towards. I needed a challenge and another avenue to continue that same drive I had as dancer, which is when by chance I found the door to the fitness industry. 

What are your favourite brands? Who would a dream collaboration be with?

Awkwardly I really struggle to find one brand that fits my body type, tall and lean, example shorts either look like short shorts, or are incredibly baggy. 

So I love certain brands for different reasons. For comfort I love lulu lemon and connect a lot with their values, Nike leggings are pure class but I love a bit of Adidas for street apparel. 

A collaboration with either of these brands would be absolutely amazing, or maybe there is a brand I don’t know of yet who ideally make ethical clothing that fit me perfectly. If you know who, sign me up! 

Whats your schedule like right now?

Currently it’s a lot less jammed packed then I used to have it. But next year is going to bring some big changes to the schedule with the opening of the Define London studio! 

In your opinion, how significant is the connection between having a healthy exercise routine and one's overall quality of life?

The key here is balance. I think with anything we tend to go for either an all or nothing option, when it comes to getting out of bed to workout, to opening a bag of biscuits, and we tend to lean towards obsession. 

If you can find joy in the balance between the two than in my opinion you’re going to enhance you life drastically. You’ll find more rewards to be proud of. 

What is your workout tip for pushing yourself on days when you don't feel like training?

Know your goals, this goes back to the above with that obsession to always keep doing it. Is it beneficial to what you are working on, on what you want to achieve. If the answer if yes then set the alarm, have your bags packed the night before, coffee ready to go in the morning, and went that alarm goes off, inhale count down from 5, exhale and go and get what you want. 

If it’s a struggle to get out of bed reassess what your goals are and what you are working for, maybe there is another approach (like training at night?) 

What keeps you motivated?

I recently heard this quote which hit home on keeping me motivated to do anything - There is only one of you and there will only ever be one of you. - Mel Robbins 

I’ve always been motivated to get out and do whatever I do with my best intentions and with my all into it, so I know that my goals are mine, and I’m the only one who can go and achieve them. I don’t do anything half ass, so when I make the choice to do it I’m in, when I’m not that’s when I need to reassess its importance. 

What are the six foods you couldn't live without?

Tough question, I’d probably go with - Avocado, Bacon, Sourdough bread, Eggs, Pancakes  - with all the essential toppings, syrup, berries, blueberries…. (it’s a package deal) and Coffee "coffee definitely counts as a food". Oh hey look at that, combine them all together and that makes up a pretty good brunch in my eyes! I Love brunch! 

Who would be your ultimate celebrity client to train?

Meghan Markle (big wedding coming up just saying….), Emma Stone or someone gearing up for a role in a bit action Marvel role maybe Brie Larson, or Gal Gadot. 












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