Cooking Up A Storm With PT + Model Lou Barton

I'm all about quick, easy and cheap fixes when it comes to cooking food. I love cooking and I really love being in the kitchen, but let's be honest a lot of us see cooking as a chore or as ‘that thing you have to do’ that’s just a bit time consuming. This doesn't have to be the case. Most of my dishes take about 10 minutes to prepare and cook and if they make your life easier sometimes, why not cook in bulk so you have leftovers for your lunch or dinner the next day?   Many of us...

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In the Kitchen with Sarah Malcolm Part 1: Shakshuka

Going for Brunch is pretty much my favourite thing to do. In fact, it is my favourite thing to do. What else compares to waking up and heading out to a brunch spot and eating your way through your morning? Even though I am a massive breakfast lover and enjoy all things sweet and indulgent, like chocolatey porridge, every time I think of brunch, I think of good old eggs (Not actually old eggs because you may fall ill). Eggs are pretty much the best thing you can start your day with (after that trusty lemon water), as they are a...

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In the Kitchen with Sarah Malcolm Part 2: Cardamom Porridge

As Winter elbows its way into our lives, I am becoming more and more reliant on a warming bowl of Porridge to ease me out of the depths of my cosy bed and into the grey, dark mornings. In fact, I’m pretty obsessed with Porridge at the moment and have chose it almost every day for the past month! My true love for Porridge has only been a recent thing as it always used to remind me of stodgy, bland breakfasts and left me feeling very unsatisfied. But my current obsession will be sure to change your mind if you...

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