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Ethical Fashion Feature: Sport Philosophy

Ethical Fashion Feature: Sport Philosophy

Posted by Define.London on

A month ago Sports Philosophy a London-based luxury ethical activewear brand joined us in Central London to film our new online workout videos.





Define.London is passionate about working with awesome people & awesome brands doing amazingly wonderful things. After years in corporate jobs Stella and Matthias decided to launch the world's first truly ethical sportswear brand. Sports Philosophy is all about pushing boundaries and encouraging creativity. And it isn't just a brand, they also run their own charity, The Freedom for Children Foundation, which has been set up to campaign against Child Labour. As part of the company philosophy, they merge for-profit and non-profit to support a social cause. They strongly believe that every business has a responsibility to give back to society.




They see Sports Philosophy as a platform to promote a long term and sustainable path to supporting social change. As such, they hope to inspire other entrepreneurs and businesses to do the same thereby pushing for a new paradigm in corporate social responsibility.

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