Our wonderful clients are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about Define by Ashley Yeater.



“Define is such an incredible programme. These past 3 months Ashley’s enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism have kept me constantly motivated to come back to class and push myself through the sweat and those muscle-shakes!! I don’t have time to shop around to find the right instructor to get me results, so coming back to a class that helps me to feel strong and toned whilst making me laugh at the same time is an absolute no-brainer! Ashley is amazing at helping improve your posture and technique, correcting you carefully when necessary so you get the most out of your workout and constantly checking in with everyone in the class to make sure they’re happy. I can’t remember the last time I went to a class where the instructor made sure they knew everyone’s names, tailored the content specifically for the ability in the room and followed up to make sure everyone was having a great time – real dedication to helping people improve and only one of the many fantastic reasons why I keep coming back!”

– Jocelyn F.


Ashley Yeater’s Define exceeds all expectations, not only is it a challenging workout that gets results but it also is the most fun you’ll ever have whilst working out. The class not only helped to kick start my fitness journey but also helped me to develop confidence in myself and what it is possible for me to achieve.

-Morwenna C.


I met Ashley back in the spring at a class she was teaching at Lululemon. Everyone showed up thinking it would be yoga, and little did we know we’d be getting the best barre burn in London. DEFINE is not only a great workout in an hour, it’s a party! Ashley’s broadway-babe sass makes the class fun and upbeat, and distracts from the intense bum burn! After taking her class I feel strong, motivated, and energized, and although I may limp down the tube stairs after, I always leave with a smile on my face.

– Quin S.


I have tried a lot of barre methods but nothing compares to Define! The hands on attention to correct form is incomparable with other barre studios making it safe for beginners or advanced clients. It’s one of the few methods that actually creates lean, long muscles like a dancer (Ashley’s background!). Ashley’s positivity and goofiness during class makes the burn bearable and leaves you wanting more. Define is one of my go-to methods for lean legs, a strong core, and beautifully toned arms!

-Jane J.


Ashley is quite possibly the best fitness instructor in London. Her classes are always intense and tough, but in a good way. Time flies in her classes and you walk out knowing you have had an amazingly effective workout. She takes the time to get to know her clients and makes class fun. It’s great to finally have a fitness professional of her caliber in London!

-Sarah R


Define is everything I had been missing about American boutique fitness – the energy, the drive, the sweat. Ashley is an inspiration and motivator without being preachy or pretentious.

– Katie I


Define cultivates energy that lingers well beyond the studio walls!  Focusing the mind while exercising the body, each class combines heart pumping cardio with body shaking moves that tone, lift, and sculpt muscles I never even knew I had!    Ashley has an infectious energy that spills out into the entire Define community.  This unwavering positivity not only makes Define a damn good work out, but also a place to let go of the London madness and enjoy some laughs with amazing people.

– Autumn B.


Define was my first experience of barre fitness, and none of the studios and classes I have tried out since have lived up to it. Ashley really strikes the perfect balance of challenging and uplifting in her classes by working her magic to make you work harder while having a giggle.

Prepare for an (almost) seamless sweat and burn as Ashley’s zing fills the room with boundless energy and fun. No question, Ashley is the most inspiring, personable and witty dance fitness instructor in town!

– Elodie B.