DEFINE is thrilled to be one of the headlining trainers for the first ever Fitssi New Year’s Eve Event… Rave & Behave! I’m sure we all have woken up at some point on Jan. 1 with a hangover from hell… well how about we try waking up Jan. 1 with killer ABS and a sculpted BOOTY from working out with us:)
The NYE bash is being held at the Karaoke Box, Smithfield. CEO of Fitssi, Katie Booth, and the Townsend Twins will be hosting the evening while DEFINE, Bradley Simmonds, WIldcatfit, and HealthyFitFran put you through your paces. There will be adult bevy’s and yummie smoothies by MissFits Nutrition, a chance to win a fab Pulse Roll foam roller, yummie NutBlend snacks, performance by Akash, and a lot more positive vibes!!!
You can purchase your tickets at Fitssi.com  We are super excited and hope you can join us for a fab night out!! x